Hoya Gateway is a new Georgetown University program that directly links students and alumni to help them develop and nurture lasting networking relationships. It facilitates one-on-one career-related conversations, where students can practice interviewing, have resumes reviewed, conduct informational interviews, and broaden their network. Through these meetings, Hoya Gateway strives to institutionalize connections between students and alumni, making them a permanent aspect of life at Georgetown. Alumni have the opportunity to share their industry expertise, knowledge, and career advice, and students have the chance to explore and enrich their career goals and aspirations.

As a part of this program, the McCourt School is striving to provide every student the opportunity to create meaningful interactions with alumni and offer every alumnus an avenue through which they can remain engaged with the university and McCourt communities. Through the online portal, signup is fast and easy, and offers students and alumni low-impact access to many potential networking connections. More information about the program and program signup can be found at: http://hoyagateway.georgetown.edu/about

Alumni create a profile that lists their current professional and educational experience. Students create a similar profile outlining their previous experience, future career goals, and professional interests. Students receive match scores with registered alumni to help them identify alumni who match their interests. Students then indicate their desire to connect via the website, which messages the alumnus on their behalf to schedule a meeting. And then it’s up to you!

Additionally, Hoya Gateway has launched in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and thus students have the ability to connect with alumni who have expertise and experience to share outside the Beltway. For more information or with questions, students can contact Liz Clark (MPP ’14) at eac96@georgetown.edu and alumni can contact Rose Clouston (MPP ’12) at rclouston@gmail.com.

Alumni FAQs

  • Please list The McCourt School as your school and Master of Public Policy or Master of Public Management as your major.
  • You can register using your LinkedIn profile to make things go even quicker.
  • Because everyone is busy, alumni can limit the number of student contacts they receive in a given month or quarter. We ask all alumni to be open to at least one meeting per quarter.
  • Alumni who have graduated this year have access to the benefits of Hoya Gateway’s alumni connections (i.e., through the student lens) through the end of 2013.
  • Students from all parts of the university can access McCourt School alumni profiles. However, because of our unique specialties, we expect primarily McCourt students to contact McCourt alumni.
  • While Hoya Gateway provides connections for specific types of career assistance, students and alumni who connect well should continue their relationship outside of the platform.

Student FAQs

  • You sign into the Hoya Gateway website using your NetID, and can fill out your profile using your LinkedIn profile to make things go even quicker.
  • Students can access the profiles of any Georgetown alumnus who is registered for Hoya Gateway, and can request meetings with any one of them.
  • To find McCourt School alumni, conduct searches of alumni using keywords “Public Policy,” and “Public Management”
  • Recently graduated students have access to alumni through Hoya Gateway as students for six months after they graduate, providing them with another resource in their post-Georgetown job hunt.