The EMPL Program equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively lead in today’s complex, dynamic policy environment.

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Atmore Baggot

Atmore Baggot, EMPL'18

Senior Consultant & Head of Mexico City Office at The Gallup Organization

 Georgetown’s highly experienced professors are active practitioners in their fields. The content of the program is precisely what I was looking for to advance my career. Also, Georgetown is in the middle of where the action is, DC, with many opportunities to interact with real policymakers.  


Tammy Caillet-Falbaum

Tammy Caillet-Falbaum, EMPL'18

Owner & Managing Member at T & R Investment Properties LLC

 As a business owner, the program format is challenging at times; however, it is manageable. Once I was able to get into a routine and understand what was expected of me and my time outside the classroom; it became easier. Devoting a solid week to one particular subject removes all outside distractions and allows us to explore multiple aspects of one topic thoroughly and without bias.  


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Eric Atkinson, EMPL'16

Auditor at Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)

 The knowledge and skills I learned in the EMPL prepared me for working through the daily challenges in my career. From having difficult conversations to understanding relevant issues affecting my agency, I am prepared to meet the agency's mission. Not to mention, the promotion potential and other career opportunities the EMPL has provided.  


Trista Colbert

Trista Colbert, EMPL'18

Divisional Portfolio Director, Information Technology at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ

 EMPL faculty have been so impressive, offering extensive professional experience and creating a truly engaging classroom environment. Each professor has been unique in their approach, yet so consistent in the depth of expert knowledge shared during the courses. This has made my EMPL experience quite rewarding.  


  Justin Carder

Justin Carder, EMPL'16

Supervisory Auditor at Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)

 The program format is fantastic for a working professional. Having the classes spaced out allows one to focus on just one class at a time, which makes work and personal time more manageable. The program format also allows for a very short degree completion turnaround. 


Eunice Sohn

Eunice Sohn, EMPL'18

Budget Controls Officer at Department of Homeland Security

 EMPL is an innovative program which challenges and expands your capacity to improve yourself. With the help of an exceptional cohort and inspirational professors, the program is designed to allow you to self-reflect and identify ways to improve yourself in order to strengthen your foundation to be an impactful leader in the global and public sphere.