The Executive Master of Policy Leadership (EMPL) represents a substantial investment in terms of time and money. The information below may be helpful as you assess the costs and financing options available to you, and/or explore employer sponsorship. 

Tuition Fee/Rate

EMPL students pay the graduate tuition rate for Arts and Sciences (GRD) each semester.

 Tuition Cost Website

Financial Assistance

Two types of financial assistance are available at Georgetown University:

Most scholarship offers are made early in the Admissions cycle.
The McCourt Office of Executive Education offers merit-based scholarship funding.
All EMPL students are eligible to be considered for merit-based assistance, and no additional application is required. Awards are based on a candidate’s grades, test scores, professional experience, and overall strength of application. Students are notified by email of award decisions.
Need-based federal loan and employment aid programs are administered by Georgetown’s Office of Student Financial Services. Some programs are available only to U.S. citizens. International students should visit GU Resources for International Students, which describes loans, employment and other financing options.
Many organizations offer grant and scholarship awards based on financial need, academic merit and/or other criteria such as ethnic background, residency or employment affiliation.
Many organizations offer grant and scholarship awards based on financial need, academic merit and/or other criteria such as ethnic background, residency or employment affiliation.
Please see below for a list of some external scholarships and fellowships that may be relevant for EMPL students. This list includes scholarship and fellowship opportunities that students across other McCourt programs have participated in or that are relevant to The McCourt School’s fields of study. This list is not comprehensive and is meant to assist EMPL students in finding outside funding sources. Though every attempt has been made to provide accurate information, please refer to the scholarship granting organization’s website for specific details. If you have a scholarship or fellowship opportunity you would like to add to this list, please email

Employer Sponsorship

Applicants are highly encouraged to research sponsorship opportunities available to them through their company or organization.

Time sponsorship is an employer's acknowledgement that they support the necessary time our of the office to participate in the program. While the support for time is at the discretion of the employer, EMPL participants may be able to negotiate compensatory time and/or utilized vacation time or unpaid time off.
EMPL participants are required to participate in ten in-person, intensive, week-long courses over a 16-month period.
What is it? An indication that an employer will provide an EMPL participant financial support to cover full or partial cost of the program.
Financial sponsorship from an employer is not a requirement to apply or participate in the EMPL program.
Participants that are expecting to receive financial sponsorship from their employer should note that Georgetown's Office of Billing and Payment Services (OSBPS) is able to directly invoice third parties for the educational costs of Georgetown students, at no cost to the student. Third parties include government agencies and embassies, private companies, and any other organization willing to make payment of a student's educational costs on demand. Students submitting valid contracts or billing authorizations remain responsible for ensuring that their tuition is paid timely and in full, and remain responsible for the tuition should the third party fail to pay.
Start Early - Discussions with your employer and developing a proposal can take some time. It is important to start early.
Investigate Your Employer's Policy - Consider researching what your employer policies are for education benefits, reimbursements, time off, etc. This will be helpful as you create a proposal and in your negotiations. Your employer's Human Resources (HR) department is a great starting point for this.
Speak to your Mentor(s) - Speak to your mentor about your decision to pursue the EMPL program. This individual can act as a soundboard and help you brainstorm as you develop a proposal. This individual can also help you understand the decision making process for sponsorship and identify key decision makers, or point you in the right direction, to learn more.
Speak to your Colleagues - There may be individuals in your organization that have completed the EMPL or similar programs. These individuals may be willing to share their experience and success story in attaining sponsorship.
Reinforce Benefits - It is important to frame your proposal and discussion(s) with the ROI or benefits your employer stands to gain from your participation in EMPL.