The EMPL Program brings together high-achieving mid-to-senior level professionals from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds, industries, and geographies.

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Average Age



Average Years of Experience


29% African-American | 14% Asian | 14% Hispanic/Latino | 29% White | 14% Arab
Ethnic/Racial Diversity



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Colleges / Universities Represented


Arabic, English, French, German, Ilocano, Italian, Korean, Pangasinan, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog
Languages Represented


Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Economics, Engineering, English, Finance, Government, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Affairs, Law, Political Science, Secondary Education, Sociology, Spanish
Undergraduate Areas of Study


Consulting, Economics, Financial Services,  Government, Healthcare, Information Technology, International Affairs, Military
Industries Represented

Trista Colbert

Trista Colbert, EMPL'18

Divisional Portfolio Director, Information Technology at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ

 I have been so impressed by the diverse group of professionals in our cohort, from both public and private sectors. A sense of team spirit developed quickly and the knowledge sharing opportunity makes the program even more enriching.  


Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer Jacobs, EMPL'18

Commander at U.S. Navy (Reserve)

 I love the tight bond that our cohort has formed in just three courses. While we come from highly diverse backgrounds, industries and political viewpoints, the EMPL program has brought us all together and provided us with an opportunity to value each other's viewpoints - I know that my classmates are friends for life!