Executive Education: The Best Option for Working Professionals

Leadership Experience

The Executive Master in Policy Leadership (EMPL) equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively lead in today’s complex, dynamic policy environment.

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Developed for Working Professionals

For 16 months, students participate in ten hybrid courses each composed of a five-day, in-person experience integrated with interactive online learning over a two week period.

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A High-Performing, Lifelong Network

Students participate in a diverse, team-based cohort, guided by faculty experts. Together, they build a lifelong network of learners.

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At the Very Center of the Policy World

McCourt’s location in Washington, D.C., places EMPL at the center of the policy world, giving students access to leading practitioners and exposure to government agencies, international bodies, and nongovernmental organizations.

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In-Person Course Dates

Fall 2020

  • Course 1: August 10-15*
  • Course 2: September 21-25
  • Course 3: November 9-13

*previously August 1-7

Spring 2021

  • Course 4: January 11-15
  • Course 5: March 8-12
  • Course 6: April 26-April 30

Summer 2021

  • Course 7: June 14-18
  • Course 8: July 26-July 30

Fall 2021

  • Course 9: September 13-17
  • Course 10: December 6-10
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How relevant is GPA for admission to the EMPL?

  • Career trajectory and success are taken into greater consideration than GPA.

Is an academic reference necessary?

  • No, it is best to have references from current or recent colleagues, and superiors/supervisors who can speak to your career trajectory and success, especially if you have been out of school for several years.

How does a typical EMPL student finance their tuition?

  • Personal savings, loans, support from employer, and the GI Bill.

How much do textbooks and materials cost?

  • On average $20-30 per course.

What time do the 5-day in-person courses meet?

  • Monday – Friday, 9AM-4:45PM; on Fridays courses end by 3:45PM. Evenings should be used to review materials for the next day.

Do most EMPL students take annual leave for the in-person courses?

  • Most students use a combination of vacation days and professional development leave.

What is the workload for the weeks preceding and following the in-person courses?

  • Course readings are sent via Georgetown’s online learning system, Canvas, 5-6 weeks in advance. All readings should be completed before the course begins. There is typically 3-5 hours of online work in the Canvas discussion board in each of the 2 weeks preceding the course. Most courses have an 8-10 page paper due 2-3 weeks after the course ends.

What are the average years of work experience for an EMPL student?

  • 15-20 years.
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Still Have Questions?

We strive to enroll a diverse cohort and encourage applications from high-achieving professionals with demonstrated leadership and management experience. A minimum of seven years of professional experience is preferred. No GRE or GMAT are required. Register for an upcoming online information session, open house, or request a one-to-one consultations in person or over the phone.

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