Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Career Development and Alumni Engagement, through its partnerships with employers, alumni, students and other Georgetown University constituents, is to create and foster a community of collaborative learning designed to advance the career development process. We seek to empower students (through robust programming and skill-building) with the tools that are critical to making effective customized career choices based on accurate self-appraisals and a deep understanding of how to leverage their public policy education, skills and experiences to achieve life-long career success. Additionally, the Office of Career Development and Alumni Engagement seeks to encourage and increase life-long alumni pride, participation and service by connecting alumni to one another and to the McCourt School through meaningful communication, programs, and events.

Core Values

EMPOWERMENT: We value students and alumni and seek to empower them with life-long career development skills and tools. 

EXCELLENCE:  We provide impeccable support to our students, alumni and employers by adhering to the highest of professional standards.

ENGAGEMENT:  We strive for consistent and continued quality engagement with students- from their first day on campus, throughout their course of study at McCourt, and beyond graduation.

Conduct Code

Those served by the Office of Career Development and Alumni Engagement are governed by the Georgetown University’s Student Code of Conduct.

Review GU's Student Code of Conduct

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Briana Green

Director, Office of Career Development and Alumni Engagement

 Old North, 103
 (202) 687-7968
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Lindsey Thomas

Assistant Director, Employer Relations and Career Development

 Old North, 105
 (202) 687-5542
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