The Baker Center for Leadership & Governance at the Institute of Politics and Public Service at the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy is a premier non-partisan Center for respectful policy dialogue and original research located in Washington, DC.

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Baker CenterThe Center’s mission is to provide an environment to observe and practice intelligent, good-faith, and respectful discourse on important policy issues affecting the global community, with the aim of crafting innovative and actionable policy solutions that cut across boundaries.

The Center hosts The Baker Forum, an annual global gathering of government, business, nonprofit, and academic leaders devoted to exploring and engaging on the complex policy topics affecting our global community. As the Center’s signature event, the Forum seeks to leverage the experience and resources of its participants to evaluate and respond to these challenges, with an objective of identifying and executing on leadership and policy solutions to improve society for all.

The Center also supports and publishes original, independent research by leading scholars from Georgetown and beyond on key issues like energy, health, education, and economic policy. This research is presented for constructive dialogue and debate at policy roundtables regularly hosted by the Baker Center.


Human rights, energy, environmental, and economic challenges facing our society are increasingly global, complex and interdependent, requiring governments, the private sector, nonprofit institutions and academia to come together to foster leadership and leverage their combined resources to evaluate and respond to these challenges.

Our ability to consider policies concerning important issues affecting our economies and society in general is largely hampered by partisanship, public alienation, a lack of leadership, poor governance, and preconceived agendas which allow no room for varying perspectives and new ideas. This environment precludes discourse, suppresses ideas, stifles progress and keeps society here and around the globe from advancing progress on important issues.

A Georgetown Tradition

Georgetown University and the McCourt School of Public Policy offer a unique educational experience that prepares the next generation of global citizens to lead and make a difference in the world. Our University was founded as a place that welcomed people of all perspectives and backgrounds and one which holds high the Jesuit ideal of life in service to others. Georgetown is committed to providing opportunities for free and spirited debate on the issues of the day and to engagement in finding solutions, essential elements in the training and development of policy students and a strong and revered tradition in our community.

About Jon M. Baker, Sr. (C'64)

The Baker Center for Leadership & Governance was established through a generous gift from Patricia and Jon M. Baker Sr. (C’64), the founder, Chairman and CEO of International Planning Group. A Georgetown University graduate, Mr. Baker is a former member of Georgetown University’s Board of Regents, as well as the recipient of Georgetown’s highest honor, the John Carroll Award.

Mr. Baker has demonstrated his commitment to education and the performing arts as Chairman of the Leadership Council of the Center for Business and Government at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, as a Trustee of Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, The Rivers School, and The Wang Center for the Performing Arts, as founder of The American Foundation for The Royal Academy of Music in London and as General Partner of Winston Productions, the production company for The Buddy Holly Story (1978).

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