MPP Students

Portrait of Meshal Alkhowaiter

Meshal Alkhowaiter
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Labor Economics
  • Welfare Policy
Portrait of Margarita Arguello

Margarita Arguello
Managua Nicaragua

  • International Development
  • Education
Portrait of Caitlin Chin

Caitlin Chin
Boston, Massachusetts

  • Technology policy
Portrait of Rafael Contreras Gomez

Rafael Contreras Gomez
Caracas, Venezuela

  • Forced Migration
  • Education
  • Humanitarian Crisis
Portrait of Sam Hodges

Sam Hodges
Big Timber, MT

  • Tax
  • Budget
  • Appropriations
Portrait of Jared Ison

Jared Ison
Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Social Policy
  • Education
  • Latin America, Refugee & Migrant Issues

Portrait of Shannon Meyer-Johanson

Shannon Meyer-Johanson
Sacramento, California

  • Environmental Policy
  • Renewable Energy
Portrait of Roxane Peloux

Roxane Peloux
Paris, France

  • International Policy and Development
  • Trade Policy
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Social Entrepreneurship
Portrait of Caroline Reppert

Caroline Reppert
Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • Health Policy
  • Women & Gender 
  • Social Policy
  • Politics
Portrait of Kia Sosa

Kia Sosa
Chicago, IL

  • Social/Urban Policy
  • Gender Equity
Portrait of Lina Stolyar

Lina Stolyar
Boston, MA

  • Domestic Health Policy
Portrait of Bailey Sutton

Bailey Sutton
Garden City, NY

  • Voting & Election Policy
  • Democratization
Portrait of Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro
Oakpark, CA

  • Political Strategy
  • Appropriations
Portrait of Joaquin Taussig

Joaquin Taussig
Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Social Policy
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Inequality
Portrait of Natasha Leonard

Natasha Leonard
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

  • Urban & Social Policy
Portrait of Haley VanOverbeck

Haley VanOverbeck
Salt Lake City, UT

  • International Development Policy
  • Program Evaluation
Portrait of Kei Helm

Kei Helm
Wilder, VT

  • Health Policy
Portrait of Anna Memoli

Anna Memoli
Lewisville, NC

  • National Security Policy
Portrait of Morgan Sasser

Morgan Sasser
Great Falls, VA

MPP/MBA dual degree

  • Energy & Environment
  • International Development
  • Public-Private Partnerships
Portrait of McKenzie Maxson

McKenzie Maxson
Lexington, KY

MPP-E student

  • Education Policy
  • Social Policy
Portrait of Brianna Anderson

Brianna Anderson
Hoffman Estates, IL

MPP-E student

  • U.S. Domestic Policy
  • Housing
  • Poverty Alleviation
Portrait of Rachel Swindle

Rachel Swindle
Champaign, IL and Miami, FL

  • Social/Domestic Policy
  • Health and Economic Policy
Portrait of Lily Tromblay

Lily Tromblay
Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • International Environmental Policy
Portrait of Shwetha Parvarthy

Shwetha Parvarthy
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

  • Data Privacy
  • Technology
  • Education
Portrait of Breah Dean

Breah Dean
Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • International Development
  • Gender Equality
  • Environment

MPM Students

Portrait of Lindsey Burkhard

Lindsey Burkhard
Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • P3s
  • Health Policy
  • Public Management
  • Land Use Policy
  • Local & State Affairs
Portrait of Meheret Shumet

Meheret Shumet
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Newport News, VA

  • International Development
  • Health Disparities
  • Women's Education

MSDSPP Students

Portrait of Douglas Hummel-Price

Douglas Hummel-Price
Waynesboro, PA

  • Education
  • Space Policy
Portrait of Maddie Pickens

Maddie Pickens
Tucson, Arizona

  • Social/Urban Policy
  • Economic Development
  • Data Visualization
Portrait of Yuanfeng Hu

Yuanfeng Hu
Shenzhen, China

  • Energy Policy
Portrait of Adam Hearn

Adam Hearn
Athens, GA

  • Higher Education
Portrait of Amina Shahid

Amina Shahid
Secaucus, NJ

  • Technology Policy
Portrait of Marissa Joy

Marissa Joy
Syosset, NY

  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Social Policy
  • Women's Issues

MIDP Students

Portrait of Nikkie Pacheco

Nikkie Pacheco
Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Development and Economic Policy
  • Poverty and Social Policy
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Political Economy
Portrait of Aruj Shukla

Aruj Shukla
Lucknow, India

  • Development Economics
  • Food and Agriculture Policy
  • Political Economy
  • Inequality
Portrait of Ebelechukwu Monye

Ebelechukwu Monye

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Migration
  • Taxation
  • Education Policy


Portrait of Vadim Abanin

Vadim Abanin, MPP
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

The World Bank, Digital Development team


Portrait of Natasha Ahuja

Natasha Ahuja, MPP
New Delhi, India

Portrait of Maria Aysa-Lastra

Maria Aysa-Lastra, MPP
Rock Hill, SC

Associate Professor of Sociology, Winthrop University

Portrait of Kaitlin Bernell

Kaitlin Bernell, MPP
Austin, TX

Doctoral Student, Education Leadership & Policy, University of Texas at Austin

Portrait of Alex Budak

Alex Budak, MPP
Berkeley, CA

Social Entrepreneur and Faculty, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Portrait of Josh Caplan

Josh Caplan, MPM
Washington, DC

Budget Analyst, Senate Budget Committee

Portrait of Alejandra Cervantes Mascareño

Alejandra Cervantes Mascareño, MPM
Mexico City, Mexico

Director of Board of Trustees of the National Museum of Anthropology

Portrait of Jessica Clarke

Jessica Clarke, MPP
Baltimore, MD

Project Manager, Baltimore City Housing Department

Portrait of Rose Clouston

Rose Clouston, MPP
Chicago, IL

Director of Online Training, National Democratic Training Committee

Portrait of Anniete Cohn-Lois

Anniete Cohn-Lois, MPP
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Portrait of Maude Sheena Cooper

Maude Sheena Cooper, MIDP
Monrovia, Liberia and Minneapolis, MN

Portrait of Krista D'Alessandro

Krista D'Alessandro, MPP
Denver, Colorado

Portrait of Erica Dahl

Erica Dahl, MPP
Salt Lake City, UT

Vice President of Government Affairs at Vivint Solar

Portrait of Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado, MPP
Washington, DC

Consultant, World Bank Group

Portrait of Erich Denk

Erich Denk, MPP
Pittsburgh, PA

Portrait of Karen Durham

Karen Durham, MPP
Potomac, MD

Healthcare Blog Writer

Portrait of Gerald Etarukot

Gerald Etarukot, MIDP
Busia, Kenya

Portrait of Felix Faltin

Felix Faltin, MPP
Vienna, Austria

Head of Strategic Projects, Speedinvest Venture Capital

Portrait of Wetoga Feli

Wetoga Feli, MIDP
South Brunswick, NJ

Portrait of Jake Ford

Jake Ford, MPP
Durham, NC

Program Evaluator, Program Evaluation Division, North Carolina General Assembly

Portrait of Tom Fox

Tom Fox, MPP
Washington, DC and Madrid, Spain

Executive Coach, Signal House Coaching

Portrait of Erika Germer

Erika Germer, MPP
Ashville, NC

Workforce Development Specialist

Founding Director, City of Asheville Youth Leadership Academy

Portrait of Theresa Goldberg

Theresa Goldberg, MPP
Chicago, IL

Investment Management

Portrait of Kali Grant

Kali Grant, MPP
Columbus, Ohio (MPP Evening)

Senior Policy Analyst, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative, Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality (GCPI)

Portrait of Lisa Griffin

Lisa Griffin, MPM
Washington, DC

Special Assistant for General and Flag Officer Matters, The Joint Staff, Pentagon

Portrait of Matt Gyory<br />

Matt Gyory, MPP
Arlington, VA

Specialist Master, Deloitte

Portrait of Wendy Jeffries

Wendy Jeffries, MPP
Baltimore, MD

Executive Director, TasteWise Kids

Portrait of Sven Jones

Sven Jones, MPM
Bethesda, MD

Director of Student Access Services, Marymount University

Portrait of Rachel Kerestes

Rachel Kerestes, MPP
Washington, DC

Executive Director, Campaign for Science

Portrait of Nghia-Piotr Le

Nghia-Piotr Le, MPP
Washington, DC

Research Officer, International Monetary Fund

Portrait of Cristina Martinez Pinto

Cristina Martinez Pinto, MPP

Lead, C Minds AI for Social Good Lab

Portrait of Junaid Masood

Junaid Masood, MPP
Lahore, Pakistan

Portrait of Isabel Mejia

Isabel Mejia, MIDP
Bogotá, Colombia

Portrait of Ben Mindes

Ben Mindes, MPP
Washington, D.C.

Portrait of O. Felix Obi

O. Felix Obi, MPM
Annapolis, MD

Commissioner, Governance, Economic, and Int’l Trade Consultant

Portrait of Colin Odogwu

Colin Odogwu, MPP
Raleigh, NC

Contracts Manager

Portrait of Geoffrey Okamoto

Geoffrey Okamoto, MPP
Irvine, CA

Acting Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Finance

Portrait of Carlos Orvañanos Rea

Carlos Orvañanos Rea, MPM
Cancun, Mexico

Director General, Institute for Development and Financing of the State

Portrait of Mandy Pellegrin

Mandy Pellegrin, MPP
Nashville, TN

Policy Director, The Sycamore Institute

Portrait of Agustin Porres

Agustin Porres, MPP
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Country Director, Varkey Foundation

Portrait of Rachel Rush-Marlowe

Rachel Rush-Marlowe, MPP
Washington, DC

Research Analyst, National Student Clearing House Research Center

Portrait of Kamila Saldanha

Kamila Saldanha, MPP
Bangalore, India

Portrait of Mike Sanford

Mike Sanford, MPM
Washington, DC

Logistics Staff Officer, HQDA, DCS G4

Portrait of Scott Schonberger

Scott Schonberger, MPP/MBA
Boston, MA

Head of Strategy and Analytics, Poly6 Technologies

Portrait of Kat Song

Kat Song, MPP
Holland, PA

Communications Director, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships

Portrait of Art Stewart

Art Stewart, MPM
Philadephia, PA

Management Consultant

Portrait of Michael Sugimura

Michael Sugimura, MPP
Maui, Hawaii

Senior Data Scientist, Shoprunner

Portrait of Paul Treacy

Paul Treacy, MPP
Houston, TX

PhD in Public Policy, University of North Carolina, Instructor at Rice University

Portrait of Stephanie Vergara

Stephanie Vergara, MIDP
Bogotá, Colombia

Education Consultant, World Bank Group

Portrait of Itay Weiss

Itay Weiss, MPP
Rishon LeZion, Israel

Portrait of Mitsuru Yamashiro

Mitsuru Yamashiro, MPM
Tokyo, Japan

Portrait of Ramy Zeid

Ramy Zeid, MIDP
Cairo, Egypt

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