Please note that MPM-PS program is no longer accepting applications; the last entering cohort is Cohort X (Fall 2013-Spring 2015).

The MPM-Public Service Program is a team-based management program for men and women engaged in public service work in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors. Successful candidates have significant work experience before they enter the Program.

The MPM-Public Service curriculum is delivered in a unique format. Each class meets for a week at a time, and classes are held every six to eight weeks. The program generally takes about 18 months to complete. Since the Program is team-based, prospective students must apply representing an organization or a common functional area. These cohorts enter and complete the program as a group. Examples of common functional areas might include operational classifications such as budget, audit, investigations, or human resources, as well as policy area classifications such as juvenile justice, health care, environment and climate change, or homeland security. This approach emphasizes teamwork, working across boundaries, and coalition-building among the various sectors.