Ed Montgomery, Dean and Professor, McCourt School

Welcome to the McCourt School of Public Policy

You may not realize it, but we are surrounded by public policy. 

Everyday, decisions are made at every level of government that impact our daily lives. These decisions affect entrenched societal issues like economic growth and opportunity, health and health care,  climate and energy, and international development. When managed correctly, these important decisions rely on rigorous analysis of data and evidence. 

The McCourt School gives our students the tools to tackle these pressing challenges. Our interdisciplinary and applied approach focuses on teaching students how to analyze, design, measure, and implement smart policy. 

In short, McCourt students develop the skills that enable them to do what they came here to do: change the world

The McCourt School was established thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Georgetown alumnus Frank McCourt (C’75), who in 2013 gave a $100 million gift to transform the Georgetown Public Policy Institute into the McCourt School of Public Policy. The McCourt School builds upon the strong foundation of the Public Policy Institute while fostering exciting growth and innovation.

Our McCourt Scholars program brings some of the most promising policy students to Georgetown with full scholarships. The Scholars' distinguished backgrounds in policy, politics, business, and the media qualify them for this prestigious award and add significant richness to our student body. 

We recently expanded our talented core faculty to include Nobel laureate and famed economist George Akerlof, whose significant, ongoing contributions to global economic thought have further enriched the McCourt School. 

Our Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service is dedicated to inspiring young people to become leaders in politics and public service. It takes advantage of our DC location to bring top figures from politics, government, and media to campus for student-driven discussions on how to improve our politics. These candid conversations not only help prepare the next generation for political leadership, but allow current politicians to connect with and learn from key constituents.

Emerging sources of data from the digital revolution may hold the key to better policy decision making.  The Massive Data Institute serves as a hub for students, faculty, and researchers to access “big data.” A stronger understanding of society and human behavior will allow MDI researchers to design public policy programs that better fit individual needs and abilities, and to evaluate what works and why. 

It is truly an exciting time to study public policy at Georgetown. I invite you to learn more by exploring our website and coming to visit us on “the Hilltop." 


Edward Montgomery, PhD
Dean and Professor
McCourt School of Public Policy