Michael A. Bailey, Interim Dean and Professor, McCourt School

Welcome to the McCourt School of Public Policy

When I came to Georgetown twenty years ago, many public policy challenges were similar to those we face today. We needed to reinvent government to be more efficient. We were worried about health care. Politicians bickered.

But the policy environment has become even more challenging. Populist anger at big city elites and internationalization has led to massive political change in many countries. Older people often feel left behind; many young people feel locked out.

As a policy school this means we need to continue to research and teach core areas like economics, politics, statistics, management, and leadership. But it also means that we need to evolve. We need to not only figure out what is just and most efficient; but also how we can build or repair the trust in society that binds people together in the pursuit of improving people’s lives.

Here at McCourt, we’re going full tilt trying to figure out the best way to do this.  

Experiential learning allows our students to apply, and update, skills outside the classroom in a real world setting. At McCourt, students gain real world experience here, at Georgetown, and in Washington, DC, from day one of their education.

Students can join our Policy Innovation Lab, or our McCourt Policy in Practice student group. The Institute of Politics and Public Service and the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance also offer great opportunities to engage.

Advances in technology, computing, and analytical methods have opened up new opportunities for learning more about how policies affect people. We are exploring innovative ways of using data science and analytics to inform how we train tomorrow’s policy leaders.

It’s an exciting time to study policy on the Hilltop. I am thrilled to be the McCourt School’s interim dean, and look forward to building upon the strong foundation set forth by former dean Edward Montgomery.  

I invite you to learn more by exploring our website and coming to visit us on “the Hilltop."

Hoya Saxa,

Michael A. Bailey
Interim Dean, McCourt School of Public Policy
Colonel William J. Walsh Professor of American Government