Portrait of Alejandra Reyes Elizondo

Hometown: Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Areas of Interest:

International Policy and Development, Economics, Political Strategy, Public Management


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Why have you chosen McCourt?

I chose McCourt because of the distinguished reputation of Georgetown University and the McCourt School of Public Policy along with their location at the heart of the policy-making world in Washington, D.C. McCourt’s proximity to policy-making institutions, think tanks, and policy makers, and the opportunities in Washington for internships and practical experience are probably unmatched anywhere else in the world. In addition, the combination of the academic breadth and quantitative rigor at McCourt provide an unsurpassed foundation for a career as a policy professional. The McCourt School and Georgetown University also support an array of student organizations (e.g., the McCourt School Policy Innovation Lab, which focuses on human-centered design framework to address policy issues in the D.C. community), which have enriched my overall student experience.

What's the best part of your experience so far? The best part of my McCourt experience has been the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty and make friends with students from all over the world, along with access to the numerous events and activities happening on campus and around the Washington, D.C. area.
Undergraduate Degree and University: I received my Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs with minor in Business from George Mason University.
Hobbies / Interests: I try to make the most of what D.C. has to offer: street festivals, museums, and other social activities. And I love playing drums and guitar. Although, now that classes have started, my two favorite hobbies have become reading and attending speaker sessions.