Portrait of Alejandra Reyes Elizondo

Hometown: Riverside, California
Areas of Interest: Higher Education Policy, Behavioral Economics, Human-Centered Design, Big Data and AI


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Why have you chosen McCourt? I chose McCourt because I was impressed by the diversity of voices and representation among the student body. The MPM program is comprised of students coming from different countries and backgrounds. McCourt is also at the nexus of international, national, and local policy process. At a time when good policy making is becoming more crucial, McCourt provides a space to empower future leaders.
What's the best part of your experience so far? The best part of my experience is meeting amazing students and faculty from different backgrounds and perspectives. The MPM program boasts of students coming from different countries and histories. Their stories inspire me and their perspectives deepen my analytical skills. 
Undergraduate Degree and University: University of California, Berkeley. Double-Major in Rhetoric and Integrative Biology.
Hobbies / Interests: Running, Hiking, Board games! For “real-world” interests, I have been interested in applying Human-Centered Design (HCD) principles and Behavioral Economics into the policy making and implementation process. In particular, I think HCD and behavioral strategies can have an impact in the way students and families navigate their journey through higher education.