Portrait of Alejandra Reyes Elizondo

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Areas of Interest:

Public Private Partnership
Public Affairs
Corporate Social Responsibility


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Why have you chosen McCourt? I decided to study at McCourt for three main reasons. First, I was already living in DC, working at the Mexican Embassy of the United States, and I was looking for a program that would allow me to continue working while pursuing my graduate degree. The executive MPM program allowed me to do just that, with flexible and convenient class schedules. Second, I wanted to study at a university that was globally recognized and praised for its academic level and rigor. When it comes to public policy, there is arguably no other university with a better reputation than McCourt and Georgetown. Finally, I was looking for a program that would help expand and complement my network. McCourt, through its diverse programs, offered the opportunity to connect with students from varying backgrounds and countries. As a second year student who is about to complete the program, I can say that all of these three expectations have been more than exceeded.
What's the best part of your experience so far? I have not only met amazing people, both professors and students, but also learned about new topics that have become my life´s passion. Academically, I have honed my skills as a diplomat, and extended my understanding of politics, political interests, and the roll that different stakeholders play in the public policy field. Additionally, even as a student of the executive program on a part time basis, I have had the opportunity to engage in amazing activities. Georgetown, and McCourt specifically, has an active and diverse community of students and organizations that coordinates fascinating events, panels, and other academic and leisure activities, in which everyone is welcome to participate.
Undergraduate Degree and University:
  • Law degree from Universidad Panamericana (UP) in Mexico City
  • Specialist degree in Constitutional Review (Juicio de Amparo) from Universidad Panamericana (UP) in Mexico City
Hobbies / Interests: Exercise (Core Power Yoga!), foodie, women's fashion, and image design.