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Effective global leaders must cultivate a panoramic understanding of different disciplines, sectors, and cultural divides in order to solve our most vexing problems.

Leading in International Education

McCourt's Global Education programs are uniquely designed to engage leaders in a dynamically integrative approach that equips leaders with a suite of tools necessary to work in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

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The Georgetown Advantage

Our programs combine a teaching faculty of renowned academics conducting cutting-edge research with high-level practitioners. Specifically designed to deliver applied skills, the curriculum marries rigorous theory with proven strategies for effective practice. As the top-ranked public policy analysis program in Washington D.C., our executive education students have unrivaled access to the most important institutions and organizations in each global sector, including for example sessions with leaders from the IMF, World Bank, the United States Congress, the White House, the Brookings Institute, and diplomatic missions; the Georgetown classroom offers an unparalleled vantage point from which to study global politics and business.

Sample Global Custom Topics

  • Power and Influence

  • Cross-Sector Leadership

  • International Development

  • Effective Decision Making

  • Lobbying Policymakers

  • Cybersecurity

  • Crisis Leadership

  • Trade Policy

  • Energy Security

  • Women and Politics

  • Educational Leadership

  • Social Philanthropy

What Our Clients are Saying

Global Custom Programs works with a wide variety of clients to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to benefit their organizations in tangible ways.

Course: Leadership Fundamentals
Client: Rethink Haiti

We worked with the non-profit group Rethink Haiti to deliver a three-day class at our Washington, DC location. The class was a comprehensive training for new leaders. Participants engaged in lessons and activities on conflict resolution, entrepreneurship, negotiation skills, and change management. 

 I really enjoyed the class because I learned a variety of things from how to manage conflicts, to encouraging people to follow, to how to work easily with others. I hope to come back for another course soon. 

Course: Inter-American Program on Policy Innovation and Management
Client: Organization of American States

We worked with the Organization of American States to deliver a five-day course at our Washington, DC location. This executive education program focused on state-of-the-art policy management and innovation for experienced OAS-member states’ senior policy makers. Employing case studies and other interactive learning methods, the program covered: leading policy and organizational change, developing public-private partnerships, improving accountability and reducing corruption, policy evaluation, and fiscal management.

  I liked the opportunity to address real life situations and have a forum for honest and open debate.

  The course was very relevant and the delivery was excellent

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