Portrait of Alejandra Reyes Elizondo

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky
Areas of Interest: Public Private Partnerships, CSR 


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Why have you chosen McCourt? I chose the McCourt School of Public Policy because of its focus on quantitative courses in their curriculum, and because it is located in Washington, D.C. The McCourt School is known for being one of the more quantitative focused MPP programs. As someone who had little quantitative work experience, I knew the skillset I would build at McCourt would be particularly valuable to furthering my career. I also like that the McCourt school is based in the epicenter of public policy: Washington, D.C. This affords McCourt students the ability to network and intern throughout the school year, as well as begin mapping their career path as they finish up their MPP degree. 
What's the best part of your experience so far? The best part of my experience at McCourt has been discussing and examining public policy among a diverse mixture of classmates from different professional backgrounds and native cultures. Some excel in the quantitative courses, and others are skilled writers and presenters. Hearing their different approaches to problem solving keeps me interested in exploring less conventional policy solutions.
Undergraduate Degree and University: I received my Bachelor of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.
Hobbies / Interests: Through my coursework at the McCourt School I have become interested in campaign management and strategy. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my dog, playing tennis, and exploring the many restaurants in Washington, D.C. with friends.