The McCourt School of Public Policy​ ​is a top-ranked public policy program located in Washington, DC​. All of our customized programs draw on the world-class Georgetown faculty and distinguished leaders and practitioners in the field.

Global Education Programs

The McCourt School has a special division dedicated to and specializing in global and international education. McCourt's global education programs are uniquely situated to engage leaders in a dynamically integrative approach that equips leaders with a suite of tools necessary to work in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Find out more about our customized international programs.

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Sessions can be fit to hours, days, or weeks.  Delivery methods can include dynamic lectures, interactive discussions, applied exercises, relevant case studies, group activities, and field trips—all custom designed to meet the goals and budgets of individual organizations.


We work with your agency, company, or nonprofit to design and deliver a rewarding educational experience for your organization.

Sample Custom Education Topics

Training can include foundational material as well as hands-on learning experiences in policy analysis, leadership and management, program evaluation and quantitative methods, communication, political organizing and influence, as well as many other topics—each applicable to achieving success in both domestic and international policy areas.

  • Management and Leadership in Governments and Nonprofits

  • Congress, the Executive Branch, and How Washington Works

  • Effective Writing for Public Policy

  • International and Domestic Program Evaluation and Quantitative Methods

  • Political Organizing, Legislative Influence, and Campaign Strategy

  • Topics in Public Policy and Regulation, including: Environmental Policy and Regulation , Health Policy and Regulation, Economic Policy and Regulation, Energy Policy and Regulation, Education Policy and Regulation, Security Policy and Regulation, and Social Policy and Regulation


Executive Custom Programs works with a wide variety of clients to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to benefit their organizations in tangible ways.

Course: Policy Analysis
Social Security Administration

We worked with the Social Security Administration to deliver a five-day class at their location for 25 employees. The class was a comprehensive training in public policy analysis. Participants leaned how to succinctly and incisively define a policy problem, assemble data and evidence, construct policy alternatives, select the decision criteria, and write a compelling memo on preferred policy alternatives.

 This was one of the best courses I have taken. I am confident these are skills I will use in my current job and my future jobs. 


Course: Policy Design and Delivery: Influencing Public Behavior
Clients: Australia New Zealand School of Government; Hong Kong University; School of Government and Public Policy-Indonesia; Sciences Po-Paris; University of Brunei Darussalam

We have worked with multiple clients to design two- to four-day courses course about how to get citizens to comply with public policy initiatives. The courses, drew upon social psychology, behavioral economics, law and political science to understand barriers to behavior change, and investigate strategies that governments and other actors use to change behavior and increase compliance with standards they have set.

 I found the course one of the most valuable I have attended.  Professor Weaver’s framework will be able to be directly applied to my work and I am eager to share with colleagues.  


Course: Public Policy in the United States
Client: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

We worked with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) to design a customized learning experience for TMG officials in which we provide a 10-week series in which they study English and attend lectures on all facets of the public policy process and relevant institutions.  Two of the employees stay for a full year and earn a Master’s Degree in Policy Management.  The English language instruction is customized to teach the type of English skills and knowledge employees need to work in an international policy arena.

  The instructors were well prepared and the students learned a lot from the lectures’ strong presentation skills. Overall, all students deepened their understanding of U.S public policy and refined their sensitivity as government officials.