Master of Public Policy/Master of Arts in Economics

As practical as it is comprehensive, the dual MPP/MA offers training for students interested in applying advanced economic tools and training within the domain of public policy. In addition to current MPP admission requirements, individuals seeking acceptance into the dual program must present a highly successful track record in the equivalent of an undergraduate Economics minor. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate mathematical proficiency in calculus, statistics, and probability theory. In some cases, MPP students without the prerequisite math courses may enroll in them during their first year at the McCourt School to remedy any existing deficiencies.

Students interested in applying to the MPP/MA in Economics should complete and submit both the MPP and Economics applications to the respective programs simultaneously. For more information about the MA in Economics, please contact the Department of Economics.

The 57-credit dual program is designed to be completed in five semesters. Although there is some flexibility in order to accommodate students’ specific professional and academic goals, if a student begins the dual program in their first semester, the following represents a typical course sequence:

Year One: Fall Semester 13 credits
  • PPOL 501, Statistical Methods for Policy Analysis
  • PPOL 510/511, Public Policy Process/Comparative Policy Process
  • ECON 601, Microtheory I
  • PPOL elective
Year One: Spring Semester 13 credits
  • PPOL 502, Regression Methods for Policy Analysis
  • PPOL 514/515, Public Management/Comparative Public Management
  • ECON 602, Microtheory II
  • PPOL elective
Year Two: Fall Semester

 13 credits

  • PPOL 503, Advanced Regression and Program Evaluation Methods
  • PPOL 526/PPOL 528, Policy Analysis Capstone I/Thesis Workshop I
  • PPOL elective
  • ECON 605, Macrotheory I

Year Two: Spring Semester

12 credits
  • PPOL 527/PPOL 529, Policy Analysis Capstone II/Thesis Workshop II
  • PPOL 518/519, Ethics, Values and Public Policy/Ethics in a Globalized World
  • ECON elective
  • ECON elective

Year Two:  Fall Semester 

6 credits
  • ECON elective
  • ECON elective