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Master of Public Policy (MPP)
The MPP provides a set of core skills in policy analysis, program evaluation, management, and politics, with the opportunity to specialize in particular policy areas.

Master of International Development Policy (MIDP)
The MIDP provides a set of strong quantitative skills within a broad, multidisciplinary curriculum, focused explicitly on international development.

Master of Policy Management (MPM)
The MPM provides practical tools and theoretical foundations to mid-career professionals who have significant practical experience.

Executive Master of Policy Leadership (EMPL)
The EMPL is an advanced degree for currently employed, high-achieving professionals with seven years of work experience in the policymaking area who want to learn more about management and leadership in a public context.

Dual Degree Programs (DUAL)
Dual degrees provide students the opportunity to combine two skill sets and increase networks and career opportunities. We offer 8 dual degrees across a wide variey of fields.

Executive & Professional Education (EXEC ED)
Institutes, certificate programs, and other course opportunities provide valuable learning opportunities for policy practitioners and professionals.

International Programs
In addition to a dual degree with the University of Geneva, the McCourt School offers 5 study-abroad programs, a student-led service development project in Roatan, Honduras, and an educational exchange during spring break in Ottawa, Canada.