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At the McCourt School of Public Policy we are training tomorrow’s policy leaders today. Our mission is to teach our students to help design smart policies and put them into practice in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, in the U.S. and around the world.

Our world-renowned faculty offers students rigorous preparation for their roles as policy practitioners and leaders. The McCourt School’s academic programs give students the opportunity to develop policy analysis skills and deep appreciation of political, policymaking, and management processes.

Learn More About Our Master's Degree Programs

Master of Public Policy (MPP)
The MPP provides a set of core skills in policy analysis, program evaluation, management, and politics, with the opportunity to specialize in particular policy areas.

Master of International Development Policy (MIDP)
The MIDP provides a set of strong quantitative skills within a broad, multidisciplinary curriculum, focused explicitly on international development.

Master of Policy Management (MPM)
The MPM provides practical tools and theoretical foundations to mid-career professionals who have significant practical experience.

Executive Master of Policy Leadership (EMPL)
The EMPL is an advanced degree for currently employed, high-achieving professionals with seven years of work experience in the policymaking area who want to learn more about management and leadership in a public context.

Dual Degree Programs (DUAL)
Dual degrees provide students the opportunity to combine two skill sets and increase networks and career opportunities. We offer 8 dual degrees across a wide variey of fields.

Executive & Professional Education (EXEC ED)
Institutes, certificate programs, and other course opportunities provide valuable learning opportunities for policy practitioners and professionals.

International Programs
In addition to a dual degree with the University of Geneva, the McCourt School offers 5 study-abroad programs, a student-led service development project in Roatan, Honduras, and an educational exchange during spring break in Ottawa, Canada.